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Paper Exports from India Surges by about 80 Percent in FY22

In volume terms, the paper exports from India have grown by four times from 0.66 million tonnes in FY17 to 2.85 million tonnes in FY22. May 26, 2022 The exports of paper and paperboard from India have grown by nearly 80 percent to touch the highest-ever figure of INR 13,963......
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2022: Trends Transforming the Paper Industry

It’s that time of year when everyone, including business leaders in every industry, sets goals and resolutions for the months ahead. Be it new product launches or expansion projects, the companies take note of the things that worked and things that didn’t from the previous year to make subsequent plans......
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IPMA: Industry Needs to Move Up on the Sustainability Curve and Reduce Environmental Footprint

2021: The year that was The year 2021 was pretty topsy-turvy for the paper industry. The industry was recovering from a severe economic downturn due to the first wave of the pandemic, till the second wave hit the country in April 2021. The dip in the performance of the paper......
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GST: An Antidote for All Taxation Ailments?

Would the amalgamation of various indirect taxes in one common tax really create a common market and relieve the tax payers from cascading effect of multiple taxes at multiple points without altering the ease of doing business and burdening the consumers’ pocket? Here is what the paper industry feels about......