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Shreyans Industries Ltd.: The Indian Paper Industry to Keep Growing on Macro Level

Shreyans Industries Limited, one of the first agro-based mills in India, has come a long way since 1979 in perfecting the agro-based papermaking technology through continuous, step-wise technology modernization efforts. The company has two paper manufacturing units located at Ahmedgarh and Banah in the state of Punjab. Over the years,...

The Road Ahead for Paper & Paperboard Industry

Manik Seth
The inaugural session and ensuing technical sessions at Paperex, Chennai canvassed the major issues and future strategy of all the segments of paper and paperboards based on virgin, agro, and recycled pulp. Paperex South India held its 4th International Technical Conference & Exhibition on Pulp, Paper, Conversion and Allied Industry...

The Leading Voices

Manik Seth
The seminar with the theme “Agro & Recycled Fiber Pulping, Bleaching and Paper & Board Making” was organized by IPPTA in Chandigarh in July 2012. The event started with the synopsis of Indian paper industry given by the President of IPPTA – Mr. M.B.S Nair followed by the inaugural address...

Prescriptions for Change

Manik Seth
At the outset IPPTA organized its annual seminar in Kolkata, where distinguished members of the industry participated, discussed and everyone put forward their point of view about the industry, its challenges & opportunities and how can we overcome them. On his way of starting the proceedings as a moderator he...